Elite Private Coaching

Elite Private Coaching

If you are not maximizing your time, getting the high-stakes assignments that lead to the creation of purpose driven companies, and living with real joy - that needs to change.

This top-level Private Coaching program will slingshot you help you uncover your blindspots, discover your strengths and capitalize on your full potential.

Sign up for my most elite one-on-one course to clearly define your purpose, master your time, establish your thought leadership and push your success through the roof.

I know you have serious goals to conquer. This accelerated 10-Session private coaching program is your chance to create clarity ahead and awaken a deeper power within so you can enjoy spectacular success.

Note: by “spectacular success,” I mean whatever it is that you want to do, be and have in this life.

No matter what has you feeling “stuck,” with private coaching, never again will you wonder how you got here, why you do what you do and why unwanted results are showing up in your life. You won’t question your dreams or doubt your talents and soon go from “stuck” to “superstar.”

Having myself gone from frustrated, stunted and burned-out management-level employee and maxed-out human being to a world-recognized leadership psychology expert, accredited coach and speaker in a very loving and happy relationship, I can teach you both the tactical and emotional skills needed to turn your life into the ultimate deliberate adventure.

Deciding to work with a coach was not an easy choice for me. Like many others, I used to believe I knew, if not everything, then a lot. For example, I “knew” my career was “safe” and that I could marry “intelligently,” so I did. But neither worked out well: the career in my then chosen industry (publishing) radically changed. Also, my first marriage was flawed from its core. With time, my “safe” and “certain” choices led to a life that looked wonderful on Instagram and felt horrible and numb in real life.

I hope to tell you more about this story in person, but for now, here’s how it ended: I got lucky and lost everything. Like many people—even overachievers—I found myself getting divorced at thirty-five and having to reinvent my career—at forty.
The divorce was, perhaps, inevitable. Still, the process of a divorce felt awful. And, paired with the upending of the publishing industry, the industry in which I worked, I found myself, like others, running for cover, shaking my fist to the heavens, and being very, very annoyed that I had to change.

After only a few short years of pounding on a closed door, I finally got the message: I had to stop fixating on what I know and consider the vast universe contained in what I could still do with my one and only life.

Thankfully, I rose to the occasion, though it was not a smooth road. Before my own turn around, I tried everything: I read the personal development books, attended the Tony Robbins seminars, got in touch with my “inner child,” jumped up and down in my apartment chanting: “abundance is flowing to me in avalanches!”; I cleared space in my apartment for “love to come in,” burned sage, meditated for days, and….zilch.

It was only when I took a leap and invested in working with a top coach that everything changed.

Let me save you some time: get elite coaching now.

At the core of this program is doing the work that is designed to identify the tired excuses and beliefs that are running the show in your life and replacing them with a firm belief system that lines up with your passions, with who you truly are and have to give around here and with the life you want to deliberately create and will be proud of.

In this process, I will teach you how habits of thought and an adopted work view has produced what you are seeing around you, and how you can pivot these to create far greater (and better feeling) outcomes.

Imagine uncovering your blindspots so you can become aware of what’s blocking you and change it.

Imagine waking up eager and working with ease and flow. Imagine joyful, reciprocal relationships. That’s what you will find through this program.

Just in case the above resonates and you’re still asking or wondering: “but… why would I need PRIVATE Coaching?

Here’s why: because you are unique and one-size fits all rarely works. Ever notice how joining a group dieting program or group fitness yields vastly different results than those resulting in working one on one with a top nutritionist or leading personal trainer? That’s the private coaching difference.

Just as any Olympic champion sees the importance of a talented coach reshaping their mindset to raise the level of their game to new heights, trust that you might be able to learn something here. At the very least, accept this: whatever consistent thoughts you consistently practice have only brought you as far as you now are. If you want to go to the next level (and in life, you always want to go to the next level), it will require a new level of thinking.


• Work with a master coach, focused solely and whole heartedly on your success
• Overcome your limiting beliefs about what you are capable of
• Master relationships from a Win-Win mentality versus through manipulation and force
• Develop unshakeable confidence in your unique abilities by understanding your leverage
• Be seen and recognized for your talents
• Create a career and personal life that is fully charged with fulfillment & freedom
• Achieve your goals with purpose, focus and ease


  • A Custom Performance Profile (Assessments include: SCARF, DISC, Trimetrix)
  • In-depth worksheets accompanying each module, or “step”
  • 30 minute Intake Session to review results / creating your customized coaching plan
  • 10 full-hour, in-person private coaching sessions with Coach Keren
  • 10+ Video Modules, Audio Modules, Worksheets to accompany our work
  • Custom reading list
  • Unlimited personal access to me via email between sessions



In this first week, I take you to the starting point of everything: understanding that you don’t know what you don’t know. If you don’t know what you don’t know – we aim to uncover what you’ve been missing all along and how you can shift your perspective about your present circumstances, forever changing your story.


Get ready to uncover your beliefs and motivators. In this segment we explain what the underlying basic human emotional needs are, how they have unconsciously directed your choices, and how you can rise into higher directives for the creation of an easier, more meaningful and more successful existence.

Here’s the deal: you can’t transform what you’re not conscious of. To that end, this module will help us come together and shed light on that which has been running your show – so that you can change it.


Every person on the planet has a deep-seated fear that they are not enough, that they are somehow not measuring up, that they are “less than.” From Impostor Syndrome to settling for way less than you are capable of reaching, we are about to resolve this and rise from the punishing annals of invulnerability, incuriousness and perfectionism into greater ease and equanimity – the emotional mastery that will afford you a better life.  After hearing my personal story, we’ll be diving deep into uncovering yours. In uncovering your “measuring up” story, you’ll see whose “rules” you’ve been playing by that no longer serve you, and how to transform them. With practical steps and concrete instruction, I will guide you into fully accepting yourself.


I help break down one of the most difficult concepts in life and business: Purpose. Purpose doesn’t have to be a mystery or enormous and unattainable goal, and you don’t have to fear the perceived judgment of following any desire YOU deem worthy of your attention in this life. There is a way to find what feels right to you and to create a purposeful vision that works for you and for everyone involved.


In Module 5, we move into action AFTER finding our desired clarity. After all, if we created our goals at the onset on top of all that blockage, it wouldn’t yield much progress, would it? I guide you here through my number one tool for creating your ultimate, foolproof action plan, plus give you all my personal systems for focus and discipline to help you up your game on a daily basis.


There is a master framework at work here, and it’s the aim for happiness. In this module, I introduce you to the main focus of Positive to convince you that happiness is all you really want and to walk you through the key steps to guarantee happiness. With inspiring stories and lessons from me on how to create happiness within yourself on a daily basis.


This module is where it all starts to “click into place:” where you begin to understand the laws of physics and how to harness them more directly towards what you truly want, rather than asking them to just carry you along through life. From creating and living according to your values, setting boundaries, prioritizing pleasure and play, raising your standards and learning what to look out for, this is the module that will become your basis for being and for creating a deliberate, focused reality.


You’ve now done the inner and external (action oriented) work to discover your ultimate vision, take charge of your belief system, activate your superpowers and get going on your goal for the year. In this final Module, you will get clear on how you can step into your new way of being and stay there- starting TODAY.

Sign up now for the 10-week program created by Coach Keren in the form of a sequenced video and audio course followed by private coaching sessions via ZOOM and also receive:

  1. Coach Keren’s Daily Planning System and Templates for Successful Over-Achievers
    1. With One Short Video: I’ll show you exactly how I write to do lists and hack time to get more done in a week than most do in a month (while working about 4-5 hours a day)
    2. PDF Daily Planner: my planner template will allow you to easily create your own system and customize it to fit your projects and priorities.
  1. Coach Keren’s Success Templates: These audios will accompany you with the right checklists you need to build your successful business operation, stay on top of things and keep your mindset in check as you supercharge your success.(extra value: $900)
  • 1 full-hour BONUS Group Mastermind Session with others in the program (who sign up during the same period).This Private 6-Figure Coaching Session will help you get clear on any elements of the program you would like to review, help you develop your goals and calendar for accomplishing these, and even figure out all the bits you have yet to cover – such as questions around sales, pricing, creating compelling offers, pricing, leadership and scaling, doubt, fear and finances – and much more.In this master session, you will be matched with others who are following similar paths so the questions and answers really “hit home” with you all equally. In the same vein, this grouping guarantees that you will also get to mingle with like-minded superstars. All sessions will be recorded on ZOOM so you can benefit from them again &again.(extra value: $2,000)

Frequently Asked Questions

I hope these help you. If you have any further questions, book your coaching strategy session now and I will be happy to address them all.

So.. are you IN?